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Andy Rementer grew up in a Victorian beach town which later informed his interest in nostalgia and color. He graduated from The University of the Arts in 2004. After working and living in northern Italy, he relocated to the East Coast where he divides his time between drawing, painting, and traveling.

His characters and illustrations have been featured in a wide range of sources including gallery exhibitions, global advertising campaigns, and various highly collectible editions. Some of his commercial clients include Apple, Nike, Samsung, Lotte, The New York Times, Lacoste, Warby Parker, and BMW.

Many of Andy’s commercial, editorial and animated projects are developed with the art direction of Margherita Urbani.

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Selected Clients

Paul Smith
Warby Parker
Galeries Lafayette
The New York Times
The New Yorker
Warner Brothers
Air France

Solo Exhibitions

This is Andy Rementer
Next Museum. Seoul. 2023

In Plain Sight
Quiet Gallery. Hong Kong. 2022

Andy Rementer is Back
Fondazione Benetton. Treviso, Italy. 2017

Everyday Mooonday Gallery. Seoul. 2017

Commune Gallery. Tokyo. 2015

Andy Rementer / 앤디 리멘터
Everyday Mooonday Gallery. Seoul, South Korea. 2014

Meet Me Later
Mondo Cane. NYC. 2014

I Wish I Knew
Mondo Cane. NYC. 2012

The Early Bird Hype. Berlin, Germany. 2012
Part of Pictoplasma Berlin.

Going Places
Ship of Fools Gallery. The Hague, Netherlands. 2012

Making Excuses
B2. Philadelphia, PA. 2011

My Mondo
Mondo Cane. NYC. 2011
Part of Pictoplasma NYC.

Perfect Strangers
Reward. Philadelphia, PA. 2011

Open Space. Beacon, NY. 2008

Group Exhibitions

Ocean Friends
Tsuen Wan. Hong Kong. 2023

Still, Life
Print Bakery Gallery. Seoul. 2022

VINS Gallery. Tapei. 2022

Now You See You
Mucciaccia Gallery. Rome. 2021

Volery Gallery. Dubai. 2021

Personal Life
Everyday Mooonday Gallery. Seoul. 2021

Mucciaccia Gallery. NYC. 2020

Quando, Quando, Quando
Antonio Colombo Gallery. Milan. 2019

The Age of Innocence
Antonio Colombo Gallery. Milan. 2016

All Types of Characters
Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC. 2015

Pictoplasma NYC
Cappellini. Soho, NYC. 2013

Haw-Lin Shows You
The I.P.H. London, UK. 2012

Pick Me Up
Somerset House. London, UK. 2011

Ship of Fools
Ship of Fools Gallery. The Hague, Netherlands. 2009

Reference Library Mini-Exhibition
Kiosk. New York, NY. 2008

If you could do anything tomorrow what would it be?
Curated by It’s Nice That. Exposure Gallery. London, UK. 2007

I Love Tourism
Bevilacqua la Masa Gallery. Venice, Italy. 2007

Les Yeux Overt
Centre Pompidou. Paris, France. 2006

Charming Suicide
ORO Gallery. Goteburg, Sweden. 2006


Andy Rementer is Back
Lecture at Fabrica. Treviso, Italy. 2017

Insights Design Lecture Series
Walker Arts Center. Minneapolis, MN. 2017

Here London
London. 2013

Berlin. 2012

Interviews and Press

Vogue Italia– Exhibition feature
Elle Decor– Exhibition feature
The Hundreds – Interview by OMMU press
Another Something – Inspirations
Juxtpoz Magazine – Cover and feature interview
Creative Review – Interview by Gavin Lucas
IDN Magazine – Most Wanted Volume 2 Feature
It’s Nice That Issue #1 – Interview
Handjob (Princeton Architectural Press)
Street Sketchbook (Chronicle Books / Thames and Hudson)
Area 2 (Phaidon)

All Work © Andy Rementer
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