The Age of Innocence / Installation

The Age Of Innocence is a double exhibition and first showcase with Antonio Colombo Gallery in Milan. It is the first body of work exhibited in oils which breathe new life and fluid gradients to Rementer’s visual world. 

Biker / La Gazza Ladra, 2015, Oil on canvas, 36x48

Diner, 2015, Oil on canvas, 32x58in

The paintings feature a cast of ambiguos characters in familiar situations and locations enjoyed by the artist like diners, the metro, and windows.

Repubblica, 2015, Oil on canvas, 40x48in

Repubblica, Detail

The Age of Innocence / Installation

Mascara, 2015, Oil on canvas, 30x30in

The Age of Innocence / Installation

The Age of Innocence
Double exhibition with Fulvia Mendini at Antonio Colombo Gallery
Feb 11 – April 2, 2016, Milan

Interview with Valeria Giampietro
Photos by Marco Mucig


All Work © Andy Rementer
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