Fast Food, 2019, Oil on canvas, 40x48in

Quando, Quando, Quando is a double exhibition with Olimpia Zagnoli and second showcase at Antonio Colombo Gallery in Milan.

Quando, Quando, Quando, Installation

Paintings prior to leaving the studio

The body of work features oil paintings, works on paper, as well as a limited edition ceramic mask series produced in Milan.

The Gathering, 2019Oil on canvas, 30x34in

Quando, Quando, Quando, Installation

Throughout the paintings, characters are placed onto a stage and become part of an alienated theatre. A backdrop features invented urban landscapes, undulating hills, and distant vistas.

Kings Cross, 2019Oil on canvas, 32x58in

A subtle sense of isolation, even within crowded group scenes is a common thread throughout the paintings.

Quando, Quando, Quando, Installation with mural

Time is Nothing, 2019, Oil on canvas, 36x48in

Quando, Quando, Quando
Double exhibition
Antonio Colombo Gallery
Milano Italy,  April, 2019


All Work © Andy Rementer
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