DECODING, Installation

DECODING, is a group exhibition and first collaboration with VINS Gallery in Tapei.

Desert Thoughts, 2022, Oil on linen, 36x48in

Happy Hour, 2022, Oil on linen, 32x32in

Happy Hour is a painting that continues a theme of characters from a window. I like the framing device of a window, and it also suggests being pulled into a private moment. 

Happy Hour, detail

Coffee Break, 2022, Oil on linen, 48x48in

Coffee Break is about interaction and harmony of characters in a space. They are surrounded by everyday objects carefully placed into an interior setting.

Chair with Palm, 2022, Oil on linen, 12x16in

DECODING, Group Exhibtion

VINS Gallery
Taipei, Taiwan

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All Work © Andy Rementer
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